Receive guidance through the Mindfulness and Meditation practice from our founder, Clifford Carter, by hosting a Workshop.

There are two, four hour workshops available. Workshop 1 begins with the basics of the Mindfulness and Meditation practice, and is a prerequisite for Workshop 2. Workshop 2, which focuses on more advanced concepts, can be scheduled two or more months after completion of Workshop 1, to ensure participants have time to reflect upon and practice what they learned. A description of both workshops can be found below.

To host a Workshop, or for any questions, contact Clifford using our Contact page.

Workshop 1
We will explore the relationship between the mind and the body through sensations- both inside and outside of the physical body. Meditation being the vehicle, and mindfulness the tool. We will then begin to understand how we relate to ourselves and the world around us. This relationship, when understood for its true meaning, becomes a pathway to letting go of the beliefs and behaviors that hold us to old ways of being in the world, ways that we have known and, often times, are rarely good for us and our inner growth.
Workshop 2
Workshop 2 builds on the concepts of Workshop 1 with the understanding of sensation and the process of accepting sensations. As we integrate this process into our daily activities, we then begin to rewire our relationship with old self (blue sky). New self (green sky) starts to emerge and transformation begins. This process starts from the inside and slowly works its way to the surface. We also recognize how will is a force channeled through emotion that s non sustainable. Profound change and inner transformation is achieved though acceptance using our  mindfulness and meditation process.