We are a non-profit out of Lafayette, CO. We hope to positively affect veterans, through peer-to-peer support, generating community, and helping these individuals gain access to holistic alternatives for well-being (such as mindfulness coaching, meditation, and other somatic or psychological practices).

We teach mindfulness and meditation to local groups and host veteran-focused workshops. We are also working to develop and sustain a prison program, as well as a kids program. We believe it takes a “Village to heal our wounds.” Because of this philosophy, we welcome veterans, allies, and the broader community into our workshops across this great country. The Inner Warrior Spirit symbol represents the infinite healing embedded in the heart shared between veterans, veteran allies, and the broader community, which we refer to as “The Village.”

All of our efforts are made possible through the generous donations of our supporters, so that we can travel to and from our workshops and meditation venues, as well as provide materials for mediation cushions. We give back to our patrons by providing handmade products which represent our mission. More information on these products can be found on the Donate to Our Cause page.

Our Founder

Inner Warrior Spirit was born from CEO, Clifford Carter (Navy Veteran- Submarine Service USS NYC, Pearl Harbor.)

“My childhood was informed by Midwestern Christian values. And later, as a young adult, I became informed by Eastern philosophies. As a Navy Veteran and PTSD survivor, I became aware of the importance of mindfulness found in Buddhist traditions as a healing modality in working with the effects of PTSD.

I developed a process which helps me come back to awareness in the moment whenever I felt triggered by my trauma: observing the breath, recognizing the sensations, accepting sensations, and letting go. Recently I started a non-profit to support veterans working with PTSD. Inner Warrior Spirit is veteran focused, but is open to anyone interested in mindfulness and mediation practice.”

– Clifford