Donate to our cause

We travel all across this great country promoting self awareness through mindfulness and meditation. Your donations support our travels to and from workshops, as well as sustain our prison program and kids program. Donations also provide materials for meditation cushions.

You can donate to our cause by using the “Donate” button on our Facebook page. Donations are tax deductible, or you can receive one of our handmade items. Below are examples of our products, which we send to our generous donors as thanks for their support.


Our Infinite Mediation cushions are  handmade in partnership with Colorado Corrections Industries. The patented design features a buckwheat-filled cushion with a removable cover for convenient cleaning, and the option to change patterns. Orange cushion covers are handmade by the correctional facility and are the basic starter covers which come with the cushions. Other cushion colors and patterns are handmade by our volunteers, and are available separately.


We offer a handmade reversible Tote Bag designed to hold our Infinite Meditation cushion. It is also great to use for grocery shopping, going to yoga or the gym, or for any time you need a little extra space. This Tote measures 18″ wide x 15″ high. The shoulder strap is 21 inches from the top of the tote.


Our sterling silver pendant is handmade for our non-profit by a local artist, Mollie Stauss. It is hand-forged and hand-hammered. The Inner Warrior Spirit symbol represents the infinite healing embedded in the heart shared between veterans, veteran allies, and the broader community. We refer to this community as “The Village.”

Lastly, connect to your higher consciousness through the purifying powers of Lavender with our handmade candles. Our 9 oz. Lavender Scented Candles are 100% SOY and come in a glass jar with a lid. They facilitate the healing process rooted in  Inner Warrior Spirit.