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Stitching Wellness

Covid-19 will come and it will go along with each stress and trauma trigger I face every waking moment of every day unaware of the who, what, where, and how it might show itself.These past few weeks have been particularly difficult for me as… Continue Reading “Stitching Wellness”


Inner Warrior Spirit’s Infinite meditation cushions has been designed and patented by myself while living and volunteering in a Buddhist community. This cushion is the culmination of a 20 year long dream of mine to be working with the prison industry where it is… Continue Reading “Cushion”


I just wrote this below about my trauma that happened more then 30 years ago. I cannot imagine writing it even 1 year ago the emotional pain that it has caused me would have been too much. I experienced a practice I call ”… Continue Reading ““FEELING TRAUMA TO THE BONE””


There are many things that come from Trauma. Raul Hilberg speaks about three in his book ” Perpetrator, Victim, Bystander”. This is my own take on these three words. Perpetrator becomes effortless moving through life reenacting on self or others the trauma that had… Continue Reading “Trauma”



Green Sky



Focusing on the breath and becoming aware of sensations inside and outside of the body. Accepting sensations inside and outside of the body allows the body to let go of sensations triggers. Sensation triggers ( triggers are connected to past experiences trapped in our… Continue Reading “BREATH WORK PROCESS ASPECT”

The Thread



Observing all of my sensation from the middle of a forrest. Questioning the stillness, if there is really stillness. Focusing on the breath, slowing the mind. Considering the action of the breeze placed upon the branches. Sounds emanating from the earth and the taste… Continue Reading “Wonder”


I met this hound dog when I was in treatment for PTSD last year in Topeka KS VA Medical center. She happened to be the same breed I was raised with coon hunting on the Mississippi river bottoms. I visited her every week and… Continue Reading ” Teacher”