Inner Warrior Spirit was founded April 28, 2016 in response to the need for mindfulness meditation to mitigate the affects of trauma, PTSD, ADHD. As well as daily relaxation, focus, and the need for self reflection. Inner Warrior Spirit promotes healing from the invisible wounds of trauma in an inclusive welcoming safe space.

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To end self destructive behavior resulting from trauma.


To calm the nervous system through evidence based practice. Mindfulness meditation may offer a more self empowered clear-calm choice.

Company Overview

  • Production & Sales of Infinite Meditation Cushions in collaboration with Colorado Correctional Industries
  • Meditation Products
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Meditation Workshops
  • Supporting Local Homeless Programs
  • Supporting Children Programs
  • Supporting Veteran Programs

Products can be ordered through our website (see our Donate page) as well as at Kaleidoscope Inspiration in Canon City, Colorado, their address can be found in the map shown.

Inner Warrior Spirit

501c3 Non Profit

EIN 81-2743128

About Our Founder

IWS became an important part of my healing process after being diagnosed and hospitalized for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a US Navy Submarine veteran. Without going into the details of Military sexual trauma and the long lasting affect, I can say that still to today healing is a life long journey that is an inward path taken by ones self, mostly alone. If we are fortunate enough there might be another with the courage and strength to walk side by side even if for a short while.

Mindfulness meditation has been my go to for more than 30 years and even though few have lasted this journey my practice would never fail me even in the depths of depression. Giving me the strength to continue when I felt there was nothing and no one to hold onto. So I now teach my long tested practice in hope that it might bring some peace to you on your journey. What ever your challenges might be.

Inner Warrior Spirit Founder & CEO, Clifford