A Mindful Practice

How the practice of meditation can help to heal the effects of trauma

The process of neutralizing trauma triggers begins with meditation. First we need to understand how the body and mind process information and act upon that information. Using mindfulness IWS teaches a step by step way to work with sensations and thoughts that sometimes lead to unwanted action. We share tools using mindfulness and meditation that enable us to accept and let go of the thoughts that we cling to that can have negative consequences.

The Process: Beginning with Sensation – Ending with Letting Go

All things in our lives occur in this way. The energy we give to a thing lives in the space between Sensation and Action. The clinging onto a thing is only necessary until we have learned the proper lesson or until our will is drained or we accept our fate. These are the conditions that manifest letting go outside of the breath. Only if we can accept a thing we are able to naturally let go. Dis-Ease is the feeling that lives in the space between. The breath, when you focus on it, is the vehicle that carries you through the difficult times.

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