Stitching Wellness

Covid-19 will come and it will go along with each stress and trauma trigger I face every waking moment of every day unaware of the who, what, where, and how it might show itself.
These past few weeks have been particularly difficult for me as I struggle with isolation and abandonment in a way that might seem counter intuitive to most.

As a US Navy Submarine Veteran a PTSD survivor and the Founder of a Non Profit Inner Warrior Spirit. My focus has been teaching mindfulness meditation as a way to combat the affects of trauma.

In the beginning of this pandemic my focus had sill been on mindfulness and meditation to keep me centered through the ups and downs. As I felt myself getting deeper and deeper in depression using my mindfulness practice looking inward I realized what I needed in my life was purpose. I needed something bigger then me. Something I could control when nothing else in my life felt controllable.

That night April 2nd I designed a face mask. The first go around was not great but not bad either. April 3rd I built a box dug a hole in my front yard and with the help of my neighbor who painted that box. A sign was placed on that box “ Free Masks”. I took pictures posted on Facebook and started cutting and then sewing face masks. Filling the box day after day even shipping masks all the way to North Carolina, West Virginia, California, Denver, alike. Focus on the breath and be aware you are cutting and you are sewing, stringing, bagging, and shipping. The breath I could let go the cutting the sewing the bagging the shipping the giving I could control and then the letting go.
What has saved my life during Covid-19? PURPOSE

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