There are many things that come from Trauma. Raul Hilberg speaks about three in his book ” Perpetrator, Victim, Bystander”. This is my own take on these three words.
Perpetrator becomes effortless moving through life reenacting on self or others the trauma that had once become our own form of existence. Not what had or has been good for us but was and would become our way of life as we now know it. So seated into our being it dwells as second and even first nature.
Victim emerges as a not so subtle reminder of who we have become based on environmental pollutants I/E (people, places, things). The victims only roll is to stay true to self as we know it. As we perceive it and as we would have others perceive use in the world. Holding onto the self fulfilling destiny that perpetuates the trauma victim roll.
Bystander is no more or less then the roll taken by one who becomes onlooker or the self fulfilling roll. By standing trauma is passed generation to generation. Handed down knowingly or unknowingly. The truth is there is no innocent stander but only avoiders. This only works for a time and avoidance strategy begins to fail. Whether mentally/emotionally or physically the body holds the keys to all understanding of trauma and the way out of the suffering.
Meditation the vehicle that slows the mind so we can begin to see clearly the affect and the affected part and parcel of our human experience. Clear away the environmental pollutants that cloud our judgments of self and others. Begin to see a world a new.
Mindfulness the tool of observing clearly precisely and objectively. Without judgement we can move into and out of experience without holding perception. Change manifests organically through our own internal evolution.

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