The Mind and Thinking Mind.

We can think of the mind as if it were a container. A place where action is born out of. A place for past experience enabling one to hold onto a thing that passes through or into mixing with human clinging nature. Left alone the mind its self is neutral space. Settling like a calm pool of water on a breathless afternoon sky.
Sensations passing through the mind begin to take hold of experience from time gone. This holding begins to form attachments to a thing and then begins to describe ones self and binds us to our very place or existence in the world. Without past reference the mind body experience becomes neutral. Neutral shares not grasping or no aversion to a thing only query with a thing. Questioning and experience expanded with a thing.
This becomes aww and wonder mind, child mind, or as I call it “green sky”. A new paradigm opening a portal to begin to see clearly from your own true nature free from the patterning of the other.

Thinking mind is but only another one of the 5 senses not mentioned in our childhood classroom. The thinking mind is always active. The only time we do not notice we are not thinking we then begin thinking. Even then it is because our awareness has been placed on another of our senses for a moment. Awareness moves from place to place to place. Stillness and calm lives in the need or needlessness to input information into the ( Mind ), that empty container waiting to be filled up with past experience enabling us to feel safe in the moments sensation and dream for the future.

What if unfamiliar experience were neither good or bad? Would there be a need to grasp or avert?
Would we be able to be with a thing, enter into a thing and really see, taste, touch, smell, hear, and think about a thing?
As hard as it might be as an adult who has experienced many things in life.
See if you can look deeply into a thing. So deeply that you are no more knowing this thing. So deeply you are mindful of every sensation you can have with this thing. Focus on the breath and become aware or sensation. Come back to the moment. Place this in your container ( Mind ) See if this thing becomes neutral. See if the experience has been transformed in any way.

This is the practice of the ( MIND )

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