The Hidden Truth

Human beings doing…
What is life about?
Why are we here?
What is our purpose?
These are some of the questions I ask myself every day. When I look around at other humans doing I wonder if the purpose of our existence is simply to do when we are in fact call human beings. What if the word being it’s self is a clue into our purpose, our reason for life its self.
We are born and being seems to be the thing we do best. We lay around seeing, tasting, touching, smelling, and hearing the world. Not much interest in doing simply observing evaluating and wondering. This sounds like being to me.
Later the mind comes on line learning how to use this information and this is where the doing begins. Weather manipulating others to do for us or we begin to do for ourself. This forms the ego mind. The how we see ourselves in the world and how we want others to see us. The ego mind along with environmental pollutants forms who we will become and how we interact in the world. Environmental pollutants are defined as people, place, and things. The influences we hear, see, touch, taste, and smell agreeing with become our truth. This frames our ego our belief system about ourself and how we want others to see and know us.
What if we could be human beings while doing?
There is a way to go back to the child like state of being while an adult. We might think of this as going to a playground or finger painting as such. I am speaking of something much deeper then this something not of the mind. Something not of the surface because to literally travel to this place is not to use the system that took us far away from your human being and left us with only a human doing.
The key is found in the simplest of place. It regulates life and death it activates at the same moment our other 5 senses flood the body.
This should give some indication how important our 5 senses are in addition to the key.
The key is the breath the combination is the senses.
Most of us lock the door to understanding self when we begin to use the mind. Even though we do not fully understand the mind and never really do understand the true nature of the mind and its capacity for clinging and craving. This nature is the very thing that moves us ever further away from the true self that connects us to all understanding, not just understanding of self but the nature of true self and the nature of all existence of the world self and those traveling in this plane of existence.
The way back to the understanding of the mind is a journey. This journey is dependent on many factors. The factor of how much you cling to the mind and its usefulness and how you much you trust you own personal mind and how strong your own personal ego state has become and if you have solid fixed ideas of your self and how you operate in the world, interacting and your interdependent nature is with regard to others.
Using the key, focusing on the key and becoming aware of the combination as if it is a lock that is awaiting being picked. Lifetime after lifetime if only we could enter and stay as child navigating with mind unwilling to accept the who we would become base on the input of the other. If only we could have choice, aw and wonder to navigate this world with a viewfinder of open expansive clarity that only came from not knowing and grows into questioning, observing, accepting.
The breath is the key and the 5 senses become the combination to the way back to self. True self, true understanding of who we really are. The body is the temple that only we have access to with the key and the correct combination.
The temple when accessed correctly becomes a place of worship. Worshiping inside of self is the true spiritual experience we all strive for. We all search for.
The usual way for searching is generated from the mind. So naturally we we search outside of self with the understanding we have gained our whole life from others. This is the way of the mind the distracted searching mind. It keeps us on trail after trail in circles looking for answers to questions that cannot be answered because the information in our mind comes from the other. It does not belong to us. It is not of our temple.
How could this be the way back home. It is a map of never ending consequence. Leading to nowhere and everywhere the others have already been and where others have already been before them and us. It becomes a cycle of birth, rebirth, circle after circle, time and time again.
The key is the breath the combination the senses, the temple the body.

This is the hidden truth that lies right in front of our face.

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