The breath is my teacher

Today as I look out across the canyon and see the yucca. Seemingly unchanged but still something is different. As I explore this different state of being in the world of the yucca it does occur to me the difference may not lie with the yucca at all but within myself. For I see this lonely yucca day after day stilling the canyon rim without a notice of its ever changing nature.
The breath, my breath becomes the portal, the way into understanding of the who I am at this moment in time. Without the past. Without the future. Pure self and pure understanding of my nature and the relationship with all things. The breath is the teacher. The breath when focused upon and awareness of a sensation or sensations becomes my classroom of deep understanding.
Change occurs with or without my notice. Holding onto becomes the struggle. Letting go become the understanding.

The Yucca simply breaths in and breaths out. Accepts the water given. The soil its born into. The light it receives. lives and dies.


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