I met this hound dog when I was in treatment for PTSD last year in Topeka KS VA Medical center. She happened to be the same breed I was raised with coon hunting on the Mississippi river bottoms. I visited her every week and when she went to the vet for a surgery I had a panic attach. I told the pet shop how much she meant to me and they wanted to give her to me. The problem was a lot of strings attached to this giving. Every time they pulled a string I felt my trauma increase and every time I let go my trauma relaxed. She taught me the power my trauma had over me and how it had pushed me to attempt taking my life 3 times previously. She taught me the power of letting go and in the end I let go of her because she had done what she came here to do. Teach me a very valuable lesson. The power of letting go. Now I try my best to share the tools of mindfulness meditation practice that starts with the breath and ends with letting go. Mindfully working with 5 sensation and the mind. What a profound experience nudged by a dog.

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