Awareness in and of itself is the focus on a thing or object. This might seem as simple as placing ones attention on a sight or a sound a tree or even a feeling or thought. For the purpose of this exploration awareness has been placed on the feeling of depression and aloneness.

I ask myself first and even wonder where does this feeling of depression and aloneness come from? Where does it reside? What is the nature and what is the quality of this feeling?

I cling to a thing not only because it may feel good but because it may feel familiar. Because it is how I have defined myself. How I have seen myself in this world based on past experiences that I have accepted as my truth.

When opportunities arise in my daily life that facilitate this belief I hold or cling to the depressive alone signals taking me back to a time ago. A time long past but only to shadow the gift of today and tomorrow.

Sitting in meditation as sensations arise entering into the mind space to be decided. Good, bad, neutral, cling, let go, or simply observe. The process of the human mind acts out moment to moment time and time again solidifying who I think I am through my pain and suffering and everyone and everything I have ever met and ever even though or felt about.

Be with accept and let go.
Be open, so open that all passes through, nothing gets stuck.
Nothing and no one decides who I am.
The who I am has always been who I am.
My only job is to come back home, come back to my true nature. The nature I was born with before the world was placed on my shoulders.

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